5 Ways To Make Your Photographs More Exciting

You take photographs for fun and to record exciting or meaningful moments in your life. But are you getting the most out of your photos? Perhaps you upload them to your social profiles, or store them away in folders on your computer, never to look at them again? It doesn’t have to be that way. You can add spice to your photographs and display them in different and exciting ways. Take a look at these 5 great options from PhotoBox and you’ll see what we mean; and don’t forget, you can spend Nectar points on a PhotoBox e-voucher, for an even better deal.

1. Re-live your memories every day 

Do you keep a calendar on your desk or on the wall? Then make it personal by using your own photographs instead of those country cottages, flowers, kittens or the other usual artwork. You can create all types of calendar using your own images and the great designs available from PhotoBox. Never forget a birthday or anniversary again as personal images remind you of special occasions. Personalised calendars also make great gifts, so get some of those old photographs out and start designing. 

2. Create artwork 

If you’ve got a favourite photograph that you would like to put on show for all to see, PhotoBox can turn it into a masterpiece that you will be proud to hang on your walls. They can print it on canvas or make it into a poster for a really contemporary bold look. Your photographs deserve to be admired and PhotoBox has exactly what you need to turn your photographs into stunning works of art. 

3. Cut and paste 

Ever thought of emulating some of the great collagists? You may not be able to quite measure up to the pop art collages of Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, the powerful vibrant work of David Hockney or the complex images of David March but you will have great fun and produce an exciting compilation of your pictures presented in a unique way. You can do the job by hand and scan it or do it on the computer. Send the result to PhotoBox and they’ll turn it into a poster or canvas that you’ll be proud to show off on your wall. 

4. Unique fashion and accessories 

Have some fun by wearing your favourite photograph. In this digital age it’s so easy to have the image of your choice printed onto a t-shirt or bag. You can even get it printed onto a mug or plate. Photobox can do some amazing things with your photographs with your photographs. 

5. Coffee table book 

For a unique way to present your favourite photographs, why not turn them into a beautiful coffee table book? At PhotoBox it’s so simple, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it before. Simply select the style of book you want, personalise your layout with the simple tools on the site and upload your pictures. PhotoBox will send you a professional-looking photobook that will look great wherever you put it or would make a super gift!

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  1. We have the coffee book one :) sucha sweet thing for people to look at.

    L x


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