Update: Cars, Cooking And Fitness

Back in January I set myself some New Years Resolutions which you can read here that I hoped to achieve over the year. As we are now nearly a quarter of the way into the year I thought it would be good to look back and see if I have managed to stick to any of them and which ones I have completed or given up on. 

Here are the resolutions I set myself

1. Save money
2. Cook at least 5 times a week
3. To get my house in order and have a cleaning schedule/system
4. Get healthy/fit
5. Spend more time as a family
6. Blog less
7. To sort out the spare room
8. To be pregnant sometime this year
9. Have Christmas all bought and paid for by October 2014!
10. Be more creative

1. We've had nothing but trouble with our car since we bought it back in 2012, and it's now been off the road for the past 5 months as they want us to pay £2600 for a new engine! It's simply not worth it as we are still paying finance off on it and have a fair amount still to pay. So we've been looking at buying a new car instead, I have managed to save up a fair amount which will get us a decent car for the time being but I'm now wondering whether we should get some help instead and buy a newer car. I know that companies such as Lending works can help you with Personal loans for home improvements, weddings, debt and even car loans so perhaps it's something we should look into. I would rather not go through the whole finance malarky again but have been thinking a loan may be the answer to our car problem. 

2. I have been cooking much more frequently and up until recently I had been cooking 5 or 6 times a week, however the past couple of weeks I've been naughty and been having more takeouts and junk food. I will get back into the habit of cooking soon thought and I was enjoying it. I have been using my hand blender a lot over the past few months to make pate, cakes and also soup! 

3. Hmm, lets just say I haven't got a tidy house but this is a work in progress. I will be doing another post on this soon so keep an eye out. 

4. I have been slacking on this too, I started off the year with the right frame of mind, I had all my work out gear, the cross trainer but then I just had no energy and frankly no motivation. I will get back into it soon once I have some sort of routine. I am really hoping to get a flat stomach by the summer so we shall see how we get on. If any one has any motivational posts or fitness posts throw them my way. I don't have time to go to the gym with a toddler so anything I can do at home is much needed. I'm thinking of buying a treadmill to go alongside my cross trainer so I can have my own little work out routine in place. 

5. We have been doing this and I'm pretty happy with this goal. Every Thursday is family day as we occasionally have wednesdays too as I work the evening. We aim to get out on both of these days and do something as a family. I can't wait to have the car back on the road so we can get out more and explore. I am also looking forward to the beach, park and walks in the forest especially now that Amelia is older is will be so much fun!

6. Well I'm still posting daily, however i have reduced the amount of advertised posts by a huge amount and posting much more family and home related posts which I am loving!

7. I have made a start of the spare room but again need a car to take all the junk to the tip so that is a work in progress. Hopefully within the next few months I can have it cleared out and have an empty shell to get to work with. 

8. You can read about this here, this actually happened pretty quickly before we had even started trying but we would still like it to happen again later in the year. So we shall see, Amelia needs a little brother or sister.

9. Not even thought about this yet still plenty of time! But I have been putting money aside into a spare account, not sure if it will still be there come Christmas time but we shall see. 

10. I have many ideas on blog posts and things I would like to do around the house so hopefully they all work and I can share them with you. 

Have you stuck to your resolutions or did you give up in the first week?

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  1. Resolutions are great if u can stick to them. You seem to be doing a great job so far!! Keep it up :)

    L x


  2. Excuse me we do not need reminding that its a quarter of the year over and done with :- P lol where has it gone ?


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