Fun Things To Do On Valentine's Day If You're Single

Who said Valentine's day was just for the couples? Although many people may think that most single people spend it tucked up in bed surrounded by a pile of tissues, stuffing their face with chocolate and watching soppy films. Okay, so some of us do... but for those of you who are wanting to try something new this year why not try one of these ideas?

Send yourself something in the post

Why not send yourself some flowers or chocolates in the post...who cares if they are from you no one else knows that! It may just brighten up your day, and you won't feel left out. Plus, chocolate will put you in a good mood! Not up for chocolate or flowers? Buy yourself those shoes you really wanted to buy or what about some new clothes? 

Go to the spa

Get together with your single friends and head on over to a spa. Have a relaxing day surrounded  by good company along with a few massages and treats. Afterwards sit back with cocktails, relax and have a much needed gossip. You could even book a couple of days away and make the most of it! 

Have a movie day 

If you're not wanting to leave the house why not take hostage in your bed or on the sofa, grab a duvet, chocolate, popcorn and a selection of good films and have a good ole movie day! Although, if you're not up for soppy girly chicks, it may be best to stick to the comedy or horror films instead. 

Go halves on dinner with a friend

Of course you can still go out to eat on Valentine's Day, even though the restaurant will most probably be full of loved up couples but who cares? Have a nice dinner date with a friend or even gather a group of single friends and make a night of it. 

Nothing - It's only another day of the year! 

Why not just get on with your day as you would any other day... whether you're working or not. February 14th is just another day on the calendar after all. 

If you're single or wanting to have a bit of a laugh this Valentine's day check out this fun app I came across called "Who's Your Tweetheart" which will match you with a fellow Twitter friend. 

Happy Valentines Day!

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