Wake up and smell the coffee: what your coffee of choice says about you

Are you an early bird or a night owl? There are several kinds of morning person and the type of person we are in a morning is considered to define our daily routine. A frequent feature in the majority of daily routines is coffee and our coffee of choice when we arise is now thought to depict specific traits of our personalities. Which morning person are you and does your coffee of choice reflect your personality?

The ‘Regular’ 
The majority of us would describe ourselves as a ‘regular’. We drag our weary bodies out of bed at a set time each day and follow the same mundane routine day in day out. The luxury and opportunity to have a lie in does not exist; we must be ‘up and at ‘em’ and swiftly out of the door for work. We skip breakfast and are generally in a rush. Quite often we are not fully awake when leaving the house and are always fuelled by coffee. 

The ‘Early Bird’ 
You’re a person who feels at their best in the morning, as chirpy as the birds in the trees, you are happy and energised from the moment you awaken. Up with the lark, you bound out of bed, ready to face the day and have time to sit and reflect what the day has in store over a cup of coffee. 

The ‘Caffeine Fiend’ 
You fuel your mornings with coffee, and lots of it. You tend to have very productive mornings however once the caffeine levels have depleted you find yourself tired and lethargic later in the day. 

The ‘Grumpus’ 
You are tired and therefore angry at the world, anyone that speaks to you first thing in a morning risks having their head bitten off. You take several hours to come round and require a vast quantity of caffeine to do so. An ‘Early Bird’ is the worst possible person for you to come into contact with until noon has safely passed. 

The ‘Night Owl’ 
Habitually awake late into the night and asleep late into the day, your ‘morning time’ is what most other people would consider lunchtime. You awaken slowly with a few cups of coffee, coming alive in the evening when most other people are getting ready for bed. 

Caffeine and in particular, coffee features heavily in most of our morning routines, regardless of the type of person we are. And whilst there is no direct connection to the type of morning person we are and our preferred coffee choice, our favourite espresso-based drink is thought to speak volumes about the specifics of our character. 

New research suggests that a preferred coffee drink can reflect distinguishing personality traits. Observational studies found common attributes between people who enjoy a particular variety of coffee. 

You actually like the taste of coffee, a rare and admirable trait. Often cynical and sarcastic, you set incredibly high standards, striving for the position of leadership with no place in your day for idle chitchat. Energetic and charismatic you are renowned for being the life and soul of the soul of the party. You like a quick hit, instant gratification hence you opt for espresso. 

Americano drinkers are old school and minimalist; competitive, quiet and somewhat moody, you have the tendency to be abrupt and dismissive. You’re a straightforward, no-nonsense individual and like your caffeine hit without the fuss. 

Caffe Latte 
Latte lovers are laid-back souls who are eager to please. Generous with your time, you go out of your way to help others and avoid confrontation at all costs. You have a pleasant demeanour yet can be conceivably stubborn inside. You have a habit of overextending yourself, putting others first means you don’t take as much care of yourself as you perhaps should. Often indecisive therefore in a world of unknowns you opt for the safe choice, a latte. 

An eternal optimist, you are an extrovert and appreciate the finer things in life. Cappuccino drinkers are bubbly and make great friends. Creative, honest, kind and hardworking, you have a tendency to start tasks but not see them through; the finer details do not interest you. 

Latte Macchiato 
Traditional and reserved, you’re a big kid at heart and probably have cuddly toys on your bed. You don’t like to drink your coffee alone, you prefer to enjoy it with friends. 

Creative and outgoing, you’re fun loving with a zest for life. You’re compassionate, insightful and incredibly affectionate, a true romantic and an outrageous flirt. You don’t really like the taste of coffee but you like the caffeine boost, and as a Mochacino is an espresso with stabilisers, it’s the perfect compromise for you. 

Socially bold, Frappuccino drinkers are young at heart. You’re a trendsetter and incredibly adventurous. You don’t always make the healthiest of choices and are still quite childlike at heart. Frappuccinos offer you a great way of obtaining your daily caffeine fix for the adult in you, complete with whipped cream, sprinkles and a bendy straw to satisfy your inner child. 

So there you have it, that’s what studies deemed to be typical personality traits associated with individuals who order these particular drinks. Which one are you and is it a true reflection as you as a person? 

* This article was in association with www.beantocupcoffeemachines.com

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