Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him that he’ll actually appreciate

Valentine’s Day has always been seen as a girlie thing, which if you think about it, means that the males in our lives get a bit of a rough deal. However, they’re no doubt less likely to appreciate teddies, roses and boxes of chocolates bigger than our heads than we do. So how do we give the men in our life a good Valentine’s Day? 

It’s never going to be easy, but I think we’ve compiled a list of pretty good ways to show him just how special he is as February 14th rolls around again. Personally I've never been the romantic type but this year I think I'll make more of an effort.

1. Visit him at work with a surprise lunch 

During a busy day, I’m sure there’s nothing he’d love more than to see your face, especially if you were armed with a Starbucks sandwich and coffee. 

2. Take him for a nice meal 

Why should it always be us who get the wining and dining treatment? Take him to a place he’d really appreciate. You could even get him a voucher so that he can choose where you go. You can get this option (and choose from lots of other things) from sites like Getting Personal

3. Have a ‘cosy’ night in 

There is always one guaranteed way to put a smile on his face...Have a quiet, ‘early’ night in together to truly make him happy on Valentine’s Day. 

4. Fill the house with love notes 

They don’t have to be soppy or sickeningly sweet either. You could leave him funny ones too to make him laugh. You could include reasons why you love him, how you love him despite his certain habits – like leaving him a note on the washing basket that his clothes never seem to find their way into! 

5. Let him choose an activity for your weekend 

Why not dedicate a whole weekend to what he wants to do, to make him feel really appreciated? Tell him that he can choose whatever you do, whether it’s going to the football, hanging out at the pub with his mates or fishing. (And try not to moan!) 

6. Buy him something just for him that you don’t necessarily like 

If you always find yourself nagging at him for constantly being on his Xbox for example, take a trip to Game and get him the latest game to show him you want him to be happy (even though it may drive you crazy). 

7. Get him something he has been hinting about 

Show that you listen to him by getting him something he’s talked about, and something that would really help him out. 

8. Give him a massage/foot rub 

It’s not just us girls who love being pampered! Stick on some relaxing music, light a few candles and give him a massage with a nice lotion without asking for one in return to show him how much you care.

9. Buy him some art for the house

If he's into art you can visit saatchionline.com for great deals on art paintings with thousands of different paintings to choose from including originals and prints by various artists. 

10. Re-enact a date he arranged that you thought was really special 

If he took you on a date that you’ve always remembered for all the right reasons, chances are it made him a nervous wreck, so why not show him how much it meant to you by rein acting it and taking him out? 

11. Get him a special bottle of his favourite drink 

You generally can’t go wrong with a nice, sophisticated drink for the man in your life. Sites like Vom Fass even let you personalise the bottle too, to make it extra special.

How do you usually treat your man for Valentines?

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  1. Lovely ideas! Think I'm going to get him a game that he's been hinting at.

  2. Great ideas.
    Even though Iwan would probably be confused if i went to see him at work haha!


  3. Great ideas! I think men sometimes feel pressured into being the one who takes charge on Valentine's day and spoil you, so it would be really nice to surprise him by treating him!

    Charli @ Urban Design Flowers

  4. I love them, these are such great ideas!
    I'm not sure about going to the football though!


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