Under The Weather

This past week Amelia and I have been rather poorly, she's not been herself and has been napping during the day some days if she's been extra fussy. I've had a full blown cold, chesty cough and runny nose, just glad I didn't pass it on to her! I've had it for nearly two weeks now and it just wont shift! I have been loving the extra cuddles though when she's not having a tantrum that is. 

We have been colouring a lot this week and a few people have asked me where I got the crayon pot from. Its basically a large plastic sweet jar which I bought on eBay. You can get them in lots of different shapes and sizes but I thought this would be good to store them all in. 

I decided to treat myself to duck pancakes for lunch one day, even though it said it served 4 I managed to eat it all woops! I love love love duck pancakes!! That reminds me to add another onto this weeks shop!

Amelia's cousin Paige came by in the week and they had so much fun playing together it was so sweet to see. Usually Amelia would be rather quiet and not let Paige hug her but this time it was Amelia doing all the hugging. There's only 6 months between them and they'll be in the same year at school so it will be fun to watch them grow together. 

On Thursday we decided to get out of the house as the weather wasn't bad. We needed to pop into town so decided to take Amelia to the play centre there which she enjoyed. It was pretty quiet just as I like it, but she had a fun time running around and throwing herself about. 

She's looking so grown up recently! It's still hard to believe that she's nearly two. Amelia's taken a loving to Tinkerbell recently as I found a few of the films on Demand and downloaded them for her. She gets all excited as soon as it starts it's so funny and she will stand there watching it for pretty much the whole time. 

Doing some work on the laptop ha ha! She's always getting on the laptop any chance she can, I had been upstairs to get something and came back down to her typing away. 

I also bought a couple of these Cath Kidston food trays this week which have seemed popular as she's been eating what ever I put on there. Usually she will only have a few bites of the food she likes and will throw the rest. Not exactly the healthiest mixture of foods but she likes them.

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. Ohh duck pancakes, delicious! The Cath Kidston tray is so sweet, does Amelia now eat more of her food as it is separated into different sections?

    Hope you are both now feeling better

    Punkin Patch Interiors :-)

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