How To Toddler Proof Your Home

You may remember me discussing how to baby proof your home last year. Well now that Amelia is a toddler we have been ensuring our home is toddler proof or Amelia proof as we like to call it. When she was younger it wasn't so much of a problem, that was until she started walking at 10 months then it became a serious matter. She's now climbing up on furniture, the window sill and getting into everything!!!

Here's some tips on how you can toddler proof your home:

Safety gates

When Amelia was crawling we didn't have baby gates in our house until she was around 10 months old. We had a door between the living room to the kitchen and also to the hallway so she was always in the living room. Now that she is a toddler we have installed baby gates on the top and bottom of the stairs, the kitchen and also her bedroom. As your baby grows you will realise you will need to buy more gates depending on the type of house you live in. 

Blind & cords

At our old house we didn't have blinds so didn't have this issue, however in our new home we have blinds in our living room. Amelia is forever climbing up on the sofa to get onto the window sill which is extremely dangerous so we have resorted in a safety cord shortener so she can't fiddle with them. Window blinds pose a hazard to baby's neck and they could become trapped in the cords. You could also buy cordless window coverings to prevent this. I have also now moved the sofa forward slightly so she can't climb up onto the window sill which is working so far!


If you have installed uPVC doors front & back in your home then it's always a good idea to consider decorative glass in your doors to ensure your toddler doesn't walk straight into it. I know many children as well as toddlers who have had many trips to the hospital with cuts from glass because they've walked straight into a clear glass door. You can also buy some door stoppers to stop them from shutting on little fingers. Amelia is forever slamming doors shut she just hates them being left open. 

Magnetic cupboard locks 

Amelia is a nightmare with getting into everything! I've resorted to not having anything in any of the cupboards in the living room because she pulls it out every day. I actually recently bought some magnetic cupboard locks as well as some clippersafe ones which you screw in which seem to be doing the job. I have put the magnetic ones in her bedroom to stop her from opening the chest of drawers and wardrobe. 

Securing furntiure to the walls 

Large or heavy bookcases, dressers, and appliances are real hazards: Bolt whatever you can to the wall. Push items like televisions back from the edge of the furniture they're on or move them out of reach, and then secure them, too. Always put heavier items on bottom shelves and in bottom drawers to make furniture less top-heavy.

Babies start pulling up on furniture shortly after they start crawling. And when they learn how to climb, watch out! Some children scale counters, bookcases, and anything else they can grab on to. Place floor lamps behind other furniture so that their base is out of your child's reach. 

Keep dresser drawers closed when you're not using them – they make perfect ladders. And be particularly careful to fully close file cabinet drawers, because pulling out one drawer could cause the cabinet to fall over. If your toddler is in their own bed this is particularly important as they can easily get out of bed in the night or first thing in the morning.

Anchor your TV

Over the years, TVs have gotten much bigger. You should always ensure your TV is on a large TV stand and stable. Also many TV stands come with anchors enabling you to attach the back of the TV to the stand. You don't want it falling over and crushing a toddler, baby or child of any age.

Do you have any other tips for toddler proofing your home?

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