Car Worries During The Winter

Our car has been nothing but trouble ever since we bought it back in July 2012. It only had one previous owner and isn't old so we have no idea why it keeps playing up. First we needed a new suspension and then the water pump went and we had the head gasket skimmed and now we have no idea what's wrong with it as it's currently in the garage. Lets just say I just don't think my car likes me very much lately. I think one of the main reasons is to do with how cold its been recently. The cold weather has meant I haven't been wanting to get outside to check the car over resulting in water and coolant needing re filling and running low. 

Maybe in future I shouldn't leave it so long and find someone who can come and look at it, I recently found Who Can Fix My Car where you can browse for local mechanics in your area this would be perfect for us as Andy is always working and it would be hard for me to take the car to the garage with Amelia.

Here are some ways that you can make sure your car is prepared for the winter months:

Give your car a winter health check

It's worth taking some time before the winter hits to prepare your car for the winter weather. You want to ensure that it's running efficiently and safely as possible before the bad weather snaps. 
Some people get a winter service and most local garages will offer one. There are still some things you should check regularly at home what ever the weather - but more so in the winter. 
  • Check your tyre pressure
  • Monitor your oil, brake fluid and water levels
  • Check your tyres and ensure they have a 1.6mm thread
  • Top up the anti-freeze 
  • Add anti-freeze to your windscreen washer
Always be prepared

It's always worth keeping these items in your boot incase your break down; a first aid kit, a working torch, snacks and a blanket. Also always check the weather forecast before you set out on a journey. 

Look after your lights 

The dark mornings and early dark evenings during the winter months can make driving extremely dangerous. It's very important that you check to ensure all your lights are clean and working properly. Always keep any spare bulbs in the glovebox and replace and broken ones immediately. You will find it difficult to see on the road clearly and you also risk not being seen by other drivers if your lights aren't fully working. 

Ensure you have break down cover

You never know when your car may break down. It's always best to have a break down cover to avoid being left stranded in the middle of nowhere. Breakdown cover doesn't cost you a bomb but it is essential. Also make sure you have home start set up incase your car won't start when you're about to set off from home. 

Do you have any advice for looking after your car in the winter?

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  1. And when all else fails, make sure you're friends (or better yet, in a relationship) with a mechanic!

    Our car would have failed long ago if it hadn't been for Iain being a mechanic.


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