5 Sure Fire Security Tips When Home Alone with a Little One

Being a parent is one of the best things that will ever happen to you, however with this joy comes considerable stress and worry. Looking after a little one is hard work, so the last thing you want to be worrying about on top of this is the security of your property when you are home alone. If your partner is out at work during the day, is late back in the evening or is simply enjoying a night out with friends, maintaining the required level of security on top of all the effort that goes into looking after your youngster is no mean feat. 

To help you out with this, the security specialists at Select Alarms have collated five security tips below for when you are home alone with your little one to make sure your security isn’t compromised; 

#1- Keep Doors Locked 

If you are upstairs giving your baby or toddler a bath or are attempting to get them off to sleep, make sure you lock both your front and back doors. Criminals are opportunists and only require a few minutes to grab some of your most valuable items, with you being preoccupied upstairs being ample time for them to sneak in and commit a crime. Keeping your downstairs all locked up when you are upstairs will give you added peace of mind and help to keep you both safe. 

#2- Don’t Leave the Pushchair Outside 

After you’ve been out for a nice walk to escape the four walls of your home and get a spot of fresh air, it can be easy to leave your pram or pushchair outside for a few minutes whilst you move your little one inside and get him or her settled. If you’ve popped to the shops whilst on your walk, the pushchair is likely to be loaded with bags and may even still have your handbag looped over the handles, so leaving it unattended outside your home, even just for a few minutes, could offer the opportunity for something untoward to happen. If possible, unload your pram or pushchair out of sight, perhaps at the back of your house, or alternatively unload when inside to eliminate any risks. 

#3- Lock the Car Behind You 

When taking a little one out in the car, there is so much to think about that actually locking your car behind you can easily slip your mind without your partner there to remind you. After getting the pram out of the boot of the car, un-strapping your little one from their car seat, making sure they are going to be warm enough, settling them in their pram and then getting your own belongings out of the car, it is no surprise that the process of locking the car can be forgotten! To help ensure this doesn’t happen, attempt to keep your keys as close to hand as possible rather than putting them straight into your bag or pocket. 

A top tip would be to invest in a wrist band that can be attached to your car keys that you can slip over your wrist when you get out of the car and unload. The strange feeling of having your keys on your wrist should be enough to jog your memory to remove them and lock the car before you set off with your little one. 

#4- Invest in a Home Security System 

Your home should be the place where you feel the safest, and the installation of a home security system can ensure this is the case both when you are home alone with your little one and altogether as a family. A clearly visible security system, such as a burglar alarm or motion detecting lighting, acts as a visual deterrent to a would-be criminal and also gives you the peace of mind that you are doing all you can to keep your home and family safe. 

#5- Keep Your Phone Close to Hand 

It is always advisable to keep your phone close by so that should you ever encounter a problem, you can quickly and easily contact the necessary people. Setting important numbers to speed dial makes it even quicker to contact the people you require, whether it be your partner, the doctor’s surgery or your parents should an emergency situation arise, or you simply want somebody to talk to!! 

Being home alone with your little one should be a time where you bond and really get to know each other, and by taking on board the tips above you can maintain a high level of security at all times that enables you to do just that without any worries.

* This is a guest post. 

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  1. Nice tips.. Leaving the children alone is serious problem and these lists of tips are surely a responsible storage for a defensive firearm inside home for efficient access when they need or need to protect yourself and family too. Get few new ideas which are really helpful to next time. Thanks for sharing this informative post.


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