The Kitchen is Where the Heart is this Winter

It’s a meeting place, an eating place and the traditional heart of the family home. This room got smaller from the post-war years onwards, but many have now returned to being a place that’s not just a simple food preparation space, but the social hub of modern family life. With many families facing busy work and social schedules, having a moment to gather in the kitchen and share news matters a lot to many people, and this is reflected in the modern trend for bigger, more open-plan kitchen spaces.

This winter the kitchen will be the place where we share some of our fondest memories, as well as creating new ones. Whether you have children to make cakes with, grandchildren to feed or close friends to reminisce with, making your kitchen friendlier is the first step to a happier family home. Here are some ideas for kitchen investment this winter to make your home warmer and more socially orientated.

1. Enjoy a barista experience in your own home

Everyone loves meeting for coffee, and with the UK rapidly becoming a nation of caffeine fiends with a coffee shop on every corner, you might think going out is the best way to get your fix. However, thanks to the innovations of some top brands, you can now enjoy the full barista experience in your own home, with one of the amazing coffee machines on the market this winter.

The Dolce Gusto coffee maker has become something of a domestic icon, but this season there are even more options available from some leading brands. A popular choice is the Lavazza a Modo Mio, a gorgeously designed coffee maker from one of the world’s leading brands. And for lovers of both the leaf and the bean, the Tassimo from Bosch offers the facility to make Costa Coffee at home as well as tea!

2. Change your colours for a new lease of life

If you want to give your kitchen a new look, but without the expense of a complete overhaul. Changing your colour scheme can freshen things up and create a new look for a budget friendly price. A new lick of paint on the walls and some new accessories is the perfect way to update your kitchen without breaking the bank.

The range of aprons and tea towels from Sainsbury’s offer a great way to build on a new look at a budget-friendly price. We love the Great British Bake Off range, which includes some gorgeous oven gloves and these delightful tea towels, all of which will complement a pastel blue or zesty green colour scheme perfectly.

3. Find beauty in everyday items

It can be tempting to adorn your kitchen with ornaments, photographs or otherwise purely decorative items, but with many of us struggling for space, this can be terribly wasteful and create more problems than it solves. Sometimes even the most mundane, everyday items can be stunning when placed lovingly in an ideal setting.

Consider things like bowls of fruit, potted herbs and kitchen scales as your decorative items. They will be functional as well as pretty, and will give your kitchen that well lived in, well-loved feeling you are looking for. We love these charming vintage kitchen scales from Lakeland, which are sure to brighten up any shelf or countertop, whilst still being useful, too.

This floral storage box from Dunelm Mill would be ideal, and is big enough to quickly hide away your laptop and a few papers if unexpected guests arrive.

Three Cooks Chalkboard is ideal for letting them go crazy without wrecking your home, and with a little tray for chalk too, you can keep the mess contained.

In short, your kitchen can be whatever you wish it to – ambient, inviting, busy - even cosy. Take some of the above tips and make one of these a reality.

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  1. is that your kitchen? I wish mine was as big, clean and tidy as that - well I guess I can do something about 2 out of 3!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the look of your kitchen. It's so gorgeous. You should be proud of yourself!!

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