Re-doing Your Lounge Room - Everything You Need to Know

Redoing your lounge can be a simple and enjoyable project… one that can be completed in a matter of days by following a few simple guidelines. Your living area can be transformed easily and affordably turning what could be a complex job into an inexpensive and exciting weekend task! 

Start with a Theme 
The first step, and the most creative, is to select a theme. Decide what you want your lounge room to look like once you have finished redecorating. Whether you enjoy leafing through decorating magazines or surfing sites like Dotmaisonyou’ll want to come up with a look that is just right for your home. It’s worthwhile to collect photos that capture your style. (Try creating a collage by clipping images of items and trends that you like.) 

Select Paint Colors 
Once you have decided on a look… Contemporary, Rustic, Mediterranean, or French Country, you will want to select one or two paint colors to enhance the theme. Don’t be afraid of color, as color will add dimension, warmth, interestand/or pizazz. You may want to paint the trim on door casings and window frames with off-white, scuff resistant base. (This is also the best time to repaint a dingy ceiling.) To get an idea of the different colours available, check out the Bunnings site or similar 

Clear Out 
Now that you have selected the look that is right for you, you’re ready to begin clearing out. Sort out items that no longer suit your style and decide on those you want to keep. Store, sell, or give away anything that no longer works, and move the accessories and furniture that you plan to keep to another room.  

Get Ready to Paint 
Prepare the room for painting by cleaning and wiping of any dirt and residue from walls, fixtures, ceilingand floor. Pull heavy furnishings to the center of the room and cover with plastic. Old sheets, towels, drop-cloths, a ladder or step-stool, brushes, extension handles, brushes, and masking tape are necessary painting equipment. Borrow what you can, as this will help reduce your redecorating costs considerably. (If the room is carpeted, you will need to cover the floor with plastic or heavy sheeting.You may also need to apply a couple of layers of paint. After you have finished painting the walls, you can use complimentary colors to spray paint chair bases, planters, picture frames, and lamps. 

Once the paint has dried, you’re ready to move back into your all new room. This is the perfect time to rearrange furniture to suit the freshly redone area. Create a traffic pattern that provides space to entertain, relax, watch movies, enjoy a fire in the fireplace, and simply spend time with family.  Select window treatments and light fixtures that enhance the theme and provide the right amount of light and privacy for your home. Save money by recycling furniture and beautiful objects by moving items from other rooms… throw pillows, paintings, chairs, bookshelves, and side tables… into your newly redone lounge room. 

Time to Enjoy 
Now that you know everything you need to know about creating an all new lounge room, you are ready to start on the kitchen, the bedrooms, and the bath. Before you know it, you’ll have re-done your entire home! 

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