What's In Amelia's Trunki

Tomorrow will we be on our way to the Caribbean! I am so excited for this holiday as Amelia will be much older this time compared to when she was just 6 months last year. Last time she would have been happy with just her dummy and me but this year as she is much older she needs entertaining. 

We are bringing along Amelia's Trunki which we were very kindly given a few months back and we can't wait to use it! There is surprisingly a lot more storage space than I had originally thought and we have packed it full of goodies for the nine hour flight ahead. 

What we have packed

  • Neck Pillow 
  • Selection of books
  • Puzzles & Jigsaws
  • Stacking cups
  • Play phone 
  • Colouring books and crayons
  • Mini megaketcher
  • Teddys
  • Light blanket
  • Plenty of snacks
  • Hat, sunglasses, sandals

I decided to use the Trunki as Amelia's in-flight entertainment and toy box as it seemed easier to put everything all in one place. I am also taking my pink lining changing bag for our hand luggage to carry any extras such as the iPad and our essentials along with food. 

I will be taking along a few food pouches as Amelia doesn't get a meal on board I thought it would be easier than having to try feed her bits of ours. I have bought plenty of snacks to keep her going for the duration of the flight also and we are taking other pre made foods with us too just incase. 

I have packed two of Amelia's smallest teddies one old and one new as well as a lightweight blanket. I bought a few puzzles and colouring books to hopefully keep her entertained for a while and also a mini megasketcher as she loves drawing. We are also taking some new books and a light up phone as a new toy she hasn't played with before. I have put a spare hat, sunglasses and sandals in the Trunki just so they are easy to get to when we get off the plane. 

I will also be taking her Cath Kidston backpack as this will come in handy for the beach and pool to keep her bits separate. I'm not sure yet whether to take it on as hand luggage or not we will see. We are also taking her Grobug reins which will be great for walking about instead of taking the pushchair everywhere. 

I think I have just about everything ready to go, I will have her nappies, spare set of clothes and wipes in the changing bag and we will buy food for the plane at the airport so I think I am pretty organised. 

Is there something important that I've missed?

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  1. Sounds like your set! We just did an 11 hr flight with our almost 2 yr old and one trick is don't bring the toys out all at once, one toy at a time until she's bored and is need of a new one, same with the snacks. and if you haven't shown them to her already, try to keep them or some a surprise (or wrap them to make them a surprise + extra distraction). Good luck, I'm sure she'll do great :)

    Katie @ Owls & Monsters

    1. Thank you for the tips! We leave in the morning and im so nervous! I haven't shown her anything yet in hope that will work haha! she never sits still so thats what im dreading. we have the 9+ hour flight then 4 hours on a coach eeeek!!!

    2. Our babe is the same way and I was worried too! But she seriously amazed me with how great she behaved and the airline staff were amazing too :) Hope the flight and coach went great can't wait to read about your trip!

  2. Great post!! Lots of great ideas to entertain kids :)


    L x

  3. Good luck on your journey. Looks like you have it covered well!!


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