* Top 10 pets for allergy sufferers

To some people, pets mean sneezes, puffy eyes and a dive for the medicine cabinet. This is frustrating enough, but especially so for an animal lover.

But while you may have been dealt the dud hand of an over-active immune system, there are still animals out there for you.

While it’s generally furry animals such as cats or dogs that will set off histaminic reactions, there are still some fuzzy friends out there that shouldn’t cause such reactions.

Remember, finding a cat or dog that suits your health needs doesn’t mean forgetting about theirs. Dog and cat insurance is the best way to avoid any additional financial strain in the event your pet becomes ill.

Portuguese water dog

The presidential choice! That’s right, President Barrack Obama is an allergy sufferer and this is his choice of dog. The good thing about these breeds is they need little grooming and shed very little allergen-laden hair.

Sphynx cat

Arguably not the prettiest of cats, but they were ranked the friendliest in a 2012 study that appeared in the Journal of Veterinary Behaviour. The bald Sphynx is recommended by some breeders simply because you’re not going to have to worry about any allergen-laden fur (but like with all cats you might need to worry about allergens in their saliva).

Devon Rex cat

If you really want a furry cat, then go for a Devon Rex. They do have dander (animal dandruff - another allergen), but they have less fur meaning they groom themselves less, which means less allergens. The Devon Rex is a cute little cat and a good option for mild allergy sufferers.

Poodle and Labradoodles

For those of you allergy sufferers looking for something cute, the poodle is the dog for you, with its long hair-growth cycle and tightly curled coat which is less likely to detach and float in the air. As they need to be groomed professionally, they tend to retain dander in the home, a common cause of allergies.

Bichon Frise

This small, friendly breed of dog is recommended by breeders because like poodles, they have tightly curled coats and retain dander until groomed professionally.

Snakes, lizards and reptiles

Not your typical pet, nor very cuddly - but they have a lot of personality. They require live feeding, so aren’t for the faint hearted.


Being confined to their tank or pond, they aren’t going to have too many opportunities to drop allergens around the home. These are low-maintenance pets and the tropical kind can look really mystical in a quality aquarium.


A good option, as they are usually confined to a pen and need only be handled on occasion. They do shed dander, but a tiny amount.


Good for much the same reason as hamsters. They are slightly bigger so their dander can cause a few more problems. But again, as they inhabit a hutch most of the time, this shouldn’t get around the house.


A great option if you want a more active member of the rodent family. These cute little critters have a whole lot of energy and will require a slightly larger living space than their more docile cousins. However, they pack a lot of personality and are easy to fall in love with.

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  1. Love this post!! At present out of ur list I gave 3 reptials but I also gave had hamsters and chinchillas. Just awesome animals!!


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