Tips For Creating Your Own Business Cards

If you like to attend blogging events and conferences you may be wondering how to create your own blog business cards. I attended Britmums Live last year which was only my first blogging event but it was a real eye opener. I learnt so much and one thing I did learn was to interact with brands more next time. I did chat with many brands throughout the day but being the shy person I am I kept my distance too. I did however make my own business cards and managed to exchange with many bloggers and PR's as well as slip a few into their pile without them looking.

With many more events coming up over the following year it's the perfect time to think about creating your own business cards. I panicked a week or so before going and designed some really quickly using paint and forgot a lot of important details. So I thought I would share a few tips with you today if you are looking to create your own business cards for any upcoming blogging event. 

1. Where to buy them?

There are many places to order from however this time I ordered my cards from Where The Trade Buys. They offer 24 hour and next day delivery – absolutely FREE which is fantastic if you need them last minute. I would suggest ordering a lot as you won't want to run out. After all you'll be handing them out like cash at the events. A new company like this would benefit a lot from buying business cards especially at events. 

2. Make them stand out

Most of these websites have plenty of free templates so you can edit for your own cards which takes less time. However I would suggest you design your own and upload it to the website. Add your own logo, make people able to recognise your blog through the card and put your face to a name. Its doesn't need to be anything fancy but making it YOU is much better than using a boring template. 

3. What should I put on them?

Of course you need the basics such as your name, blog URL and email address on the cards so people cane easily contact you. I would also suggest adding some of your social media accounts on them too. No need to add them all just a few will do for example Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Just a quick note...did you know that to save space you can put www.fb.com instead of your full URL and it works! It really does save on space especially if your name is long. For example www.fb.com/ohsoamelia instead of www.facebook.com/ohsoamelia. You can also make the card double sided which will allow you to add more information. You are able to create double sided business cards via many websites. 

4. Include your Picture

Make sure you put an image of yourself on it. People are much less likely to throw away your business cards if your pictures on it. It's true! It is also far more easier to remember someone that you have met if you can go back to see their photo on their business card.

What have you got on your business cards? Am I missing anything?

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