Must-haves for every medicine cabinet

There are few things worse than not being able to access the medicine you need. When you’re at home and don’t feel well, the last thing you want to do is pop out to the chemist. A well-stocked medicine cabinet will keep you one step ahead of those pesky bugs and germs. Here are the essentials: 

Pain killers 

It’s smart to keep a variety of different pain killers to deal with any minor aches and pains as they occur. Paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin are great for dealing with headaches, the common cold and menstrual pain. Always read the directions of use before you take them, especially when giving them to children. 

Sleeping tablets 

For those unpleasant nights when you’re tossing and turning, sleeping tablets are invaluable. Medicines2u has a varied catalogue of sleeping tablets online that would make a welcome addition to any home. The next time you’re unable to nod off, you’ll be glad you restocked that medicine cabinet. 

Congestion and coughs 

Cough medicine and throat lozenges are your best friends when a persistent dry cough refuses to leave. It’s also worth keeping a supply of decongestant tablets such as Sudafed or Dristan if you’re feeling bunged up and stuffy. While no child particularly enjoys taking their medicine, Calpol is a popular option for many parents thanks to its coloured syrup and sweet taste. Your child may even like it! 


It’s a safe bet that at least one member of your family has some sort of allergy. You can get a variety of creams that can ease the symptoms of allergic reactions and insect bites. Antihistamine tablets are also a very effective way of overcoming hay fever during the spring and summer. 

If you’ve been recommended a particular remedy by your GP, you can process online prescriptions with Medicines2u and get it delivered straight to your door. Very handy if you can’t make it to the chemist! 

First aid 

A well-supplied first aid kit is invaluable for dealing with minor and more serious accidents. For those everyday cuts and scratches, a varied selection of plasters and bandages can be very useful. To make the process less unpleasant for your children, colourful eye-catching designs can be bought to distract them from any discomfort. 

Tweezers are also very handy for removing any splinters your child may have gotten whilst playing outside. If they aren’t removed quickly they can cause further discomfort or become infected, so it’s good to have a pair of tweezers to hand. 

A full medicine cabinet is an excellent way of keeping the family healthy. For more advice on how to look after a sick child, the NHS has an informative article with lots of valuable advice.

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