Have A Relaxed Holiday With A Baby Or Toddler

Just because you have a new addition to the family, it doesn't mean you have to stop travelling. Going abroad with a baby or toddler is very different than travelling on your own and there is a lot to think about before you set off or even book your dream holiday. All babies travel differently, some well and some not so much. There are however many things you can do to ensure your holiday goes smoothly.

Here are some tips for ensuring your next holiday abroad with a young baby is enjoyable.

1. Research and planning

Before you go away it's always a good idea to research and plan out as many activities as possible that you want to do while on holiday. Work out how to get there, how long each one will take, and how much stuff you will need to take with you for the day. If you are travelling long distance its a good idea to book a sky cot if your baby is young.

2. Always pack more than you need

Write a list of all your babies items you'll need to take and then pack extras. If you think you won't need them you never know. It's always best to be fully packed than not at all. Gone are the days of travelling light. Think spare clothes, bottles, formula, nappies, wipes, bowls, spoons, hats and goggles. Zoggs have a great selection of kids Swimming goggles so it would be a good idea to buy some before you go on holiday. The last think you want to be doing it looking for a supermarket when you get there. I always find myself packing a week before we go then checking everything a few more times before we leave just to be sure we haven't forgotten anything. 

3. Prepare for the plane journey

Find out what facilities the plane has to offer before you set off. Ask whether you can get hot water for the bottle and whether they can heat baby food for you. 

4. Take plenty of photos

Whether you take your smartphone or a DSLR it doesn't matter, just remember to take as many photos as possible. You'll want to have plenty of photo's to look back on later. 

5. Food

For older babies and toddlers it's always a good idea to research the food culture of the country you are visiting. If your child isn't fussy then you should be fine however if they are rather picky with their foods perhaps it's not the best idea going to a country where you know they wouldn't eat any of the local food. If your baby is only at the weaning stages that's a bonus as you can pack pre made meals and pouches for the duration of your visit. 

6. Take plenty of toys/activities

If you have an active toddler it's always a good idea to pack plenty of toys you will want to keep them entertained by the pool and at the beach. If you have older children these fun dive sticks from Zoggs will be fun at the pool.

7. Don't stress

The most important thing to remember is not to stress. If baby senses that you are stressed they tend to become fussy as they can easy sense when we aren't happy. Remain calm even if you feel like pulling your hair out because every things not gone to plan. Have a great holiday!

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  1. Great tips sweetie! Can't believe how young Amelia looks in that pic, shows how quickly she's growing up!
    Vikki xxx
    Love From Mummy

  2. Research and planning is the most important thing that is required at the top priority to start anything and this is most important when we have to move with our toddlers.

  3. These tips are pretty important to make life comfortable during holidays. Thanks for sharing all these things.

  4. Thanks for the useful tips when we travel with kids. i am really use these tips when me travel with my baby. Last time when i was spend my holiday in Spain, My little baby also with me and i am facing lots of problem. thanks for the good tips..............


  5. This is just great! Love your blog on this one. We also have trailers, utes, vans and trucks for hire to help with your move, and if you require storage boxes, tape or other accessories these are available in The Box Shop.

    Lock N Store


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