Keeping pets off your beautiful sofa

Isn’t it just typical? You have spent hours shopping for a new sofa and put a lot of thought into the best design, fabric and size for your lounge. You’ve looked at scores of lovely styles and put down good money for the one you want. However, the minute your dream sofa gets delivered, who decides to claim it? Your dog, cat or both! 

It isn’t always practical keeping pets away from your lounge area especially if your home is open plan.  

Don’t despair. There are temporary ways of showing Fido and Ginger who is boss and keeping your beautiful sofa permanently in top condition. 

Cruel to be kind 

There are so many wonderful sofa designs to choose from these days that there is no problem finding your one that is suited to your needs and design tastes. But after you find the ideal sofa at Sainsburys and you sigh with pleasure at how it looks, your pets take a seat before you do! 

  • Use a special covering to protect your sofa from unwanted visitors. 
  • Give your animals obedience training to limit the chance of them setting a paw out of line. 
  • Use throws and cushions to protect your sofa without affecting the style. 
  • Clean and care for the sofa regularly to remove any dirt or damage which occurs along the back, side or base.  
  • Pet hairs can stick to fabric sofas and make them unsightly so give your sofa a good going over with a hoover, using the appropriate attachment,  

Feline friends and foes 

Expanding on the above point about obedience training, here are a few ways to teach animals that sofas are not for them: 

  • The tried and tested water spray bottle technique works well when training cats to keep away from valuable furniture. Spray your cat or kitten with water every time it gets too close to your sofa. It doesn’t harm any more than your cat’s pride and keeps your sofa looking good.  
  • A light flick on the nose also works without harming your pet. 
  • Providing your dog or puppy with chew toys to play with will keep it happy whether it is stretched on the floor or rollicking around the house. This is fine so long as it distracts it from your sofa!  
  • If your dog has had training, it should respond to words like ‘no’ and ‘down’. 
  • It may sound strange but placing tin foil on your sofa for the first few days will be annoying for your dog every time it settles there. The sound of crinkling is unpleasant so they may keep away by association alone. 

It may be leather, fabric, L-shaped, traditional, conservative or chic. Whatever your new sofa’s look is, keep it in shape with these tips. 

This is a guest post from Sainsbury’s. Dont let your pets or anything else spoil  
your dream sofa. Get inspiration by taking and find the ideal sofa at Sainsbury’s. 

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