TOMY Lamaze Non Spill Cups Review

Now that Amelia is 17 months old we have tried various drinking cups since she started drinking juice around 1 year old. I have found that non spill cups work best with us as Amelia likes to throw them around, and after going through many different brands and types of cup we have always ended back with the non spill. 

When on the look out for baby products I always search high and low for good quality items that I know will last. Lamaze are a brand which I highly rate and have used many times in the past. When TOMY recently sent us some drinking cups and a toy to try out we were excited to put these to the test. 

First up we have the Non-spill Trainer Cup which is recommended from 9 months+. We have tried many non spill cups with Amelia in the past as she likes to throw her bottle around and empty all the juice from it. So I was intregued to see if this would last, we have been using this cup for the past few weeks and can safely say it hasn't leaked and is still going strong. Some non spill bottles claim to non leak any liquid, but I have found some that still do. The Lamaze non-spill trainer cup lives up to its name and we are impressed! 

What I really like about this cup is that there are no additional pieces to attach inside the lid, just a one piece valve. Usually you have to clip a plastic bit in place to stop it from leaking. This makes it much easier to clean and also means that when Amelia drops it on the floor the attachment doesn't fall out of place. I have shook the bottle pretty hard and only a few tiny drops came out. 

My only points to make out about the bottle would be to make a bigger size as Amelia is 17 months old and no longer a baby she drinks a lot more than a 9 month old would so I find myself refilling it a lot. Also it would be good if they came transparent too so you could see how much is left inside instead of having to unscrew it each time. 

Having said that, the cup is great for younger babies who are starting to drink more liquid. We were sent the cup in pink My friend Emily 270ml however it does also come in orange Freddie the Firefly design too. I really do like the bright designs and colours available for the cups. 

We were also sent the Emily soft spout trainer cup however as it is a trainer cup Amelia is past that stage and will no longer drink from these types of bottles. The trainer cup can be used from 6 months+ and is also non spill. I wish we had known about these products when Amelia was younger as she wouldn't drink from any bottle until she was nearly one due to breastfeeding and when ever I tried giving her a bottle of water she would just pour it all down her front. 

We were also sent a new friend for Amelia, the Play & Grow My Friend Emily Doll which is perfect for attaching to the pram when out and about to keep your little one company. Amelia loves playing with her and giving her kisses.

Brightly coloured My Friend Emily doll ideal for babies and young children
Features multiple textures and sounds to keep baby entertained
Comes with a Lamaze link to connect easily to any Lamaze toy or play mat
Baby's first doll features a rattle necklace
Lamaze play and grow character for all ages

My friend Emily is a soft doll with multiple developmental features to help your child learn. She has a rattle necklace, clinky rings, different textures and sounds to engage baby in exploratory plat. You can attach Emily to a cot, pram, car seat and even play mats. 

What I really love about Lamaze is the fact that they are always improving their brand and providing a fresh new look with their bright colours. They strike a balance between bright, high contrast patterns to help stimulate baby's vision. 

My Friend Emily Doll can be purchased at £10.99 and is suitable from birth.

Overall we are extremely happy with Lamaze products and I couldn't recommend them enough to any parent especially if you are looking for products that will last and also help with your child's development. 

You can find all of the Lamaze products on their website for more information. 

Disclaimer - We were sent these items for the purpose of the review however all opinions are our own and 100% honest. 

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  1. That dolly is so cute!
    Love the non-spill cup, we are fans of anywayupcups but its nice to see one with pretty designs!!

  2. Awwww how cute are these.....do they do boy ones?
    Vikki xxx
    Love From Mummy

  3. These are great, Sienna loves hers! :) x

  4. We are huge fans of Lamaze toys!
    I love the fact that the cup doesn't have an extra piece as that's what I tend to think weakens and causes the eventual leaks.

  5. I didn't realise Lamaze did cups, what a brilliant idea, we also have the doll which is the perfect first doll.

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