The basics of nappy changing

Today I thought I’d try and put a lot of expectant parents’ minds at rest and go through the basics of nappy changing. As the due date rapidly approached, I found myself worrying over every possible detail. Here are a few pointers to get you started. 

How often should I change my baby’s nappy? 

I lost count of the amount of nappies I’ve changed. Amelia would poo several times a week when she was a newborn and wee every few hours. As long as you purchase absorbent nappies you shouldn’t have to change them after every single wee. 

You should try to change your baby’s nappy frequently. The wee and the bacteria from your baby’s poo causes them discomfort and can lead to nappy rash; so don’t put it off. 

I would change Amelia whenever she did a number two, or before every feed. I’d avoid changing your baby’s nappy at night if it’s going to disturb their sleep. If they wake up for a feed or are fidgeting in their cot, then a late-night nappy change is worthwhile. 

What type of nappies should I buy? 

I can’t begin to tell you the amount of time I spent making the decision between cloth and disposable nappies. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, so in the end, I tried both. Cloth nappies tend to be more expensive but are commonly believed to reduce the effects of nappy rash. The idea is that you save money in the long run by washing and re-using them. 

Disposable have plastic liners and have to be thrown away after each changing. They are cheaper to begin with, but the money will soon add up as the weeks go by. They aren’t great for the environment either: in the UK, around eight million disposable nappies are binned every day!

One thing they are good for is day trips. When we left the house, I’d pack up my baby changing essentials, a couple of disposable nappies and we were good to go. This meant I didn’t have to carry a smelly cloth nappy around all day. Baby Lurve has an excellent selection of baby changing bags that I wish I knew about when we first had Amelia. They are actually glamorous now and blend right in with normal bags! 

What do I need to change a nappy? 

First things first, you should make sure the area you’re changing your baby in is hygienic and clean. An easily washable surface or baby changing mat are both suitable. After that, I always made sure I had a disposable bag close by to bin that soiled nappy. You’ll want to have a clean nappy and maybe a change of clothes ready for your baby to make the process as efficient as possible. 

You’ll also need plenty of baby wipes, warm water and some nappy cream to protect their skin. To make your life a lot easier I’d recommend having a toy or some other form of distraction for your baby. This may sound crazy, but try to enjoy it! I found that being animated and happy during the process kept Amelia content and it made the process a lot easier for both of us! 

The Raising Children Network has an excellent guide on how to change both cloth and disposable nappies, complete with aeroplane safety-style photos!

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  1. overall which kind of nappy did you end up using more? cloth or disposable? I was going to go down the cloth route but I'm veering more towards disposable for ease now.


    1. To be honest - disposable, but next time round i would like to try cloth more. Disposable is much easier but cloth is cheaper in the long run

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