Should you buy a Gift or an Experience for an Anniversary?

There can be a lot of pressure on both sides of the relationship to get an anniversary celebration right. For some, that difficulty simply comes from trying to remember it, others have trouble deciding when it actually is, and the rest just have to decide what they’re going to do for it. 

Anniversaries are different to other gifting occasions such as Christmas and birthdays as they are focused more on the relationship you have rather than the individual or…Jesus, which is why picking the right thing for anniversaries can be tough. So which is best? Let’s look at some of the good and bad point of gifts and events to see which is more suitable for an anniversary occasion. 


To consider how a gift would be good, you need to consider how it’s different from an event. The biggest difference is that, generally, gifts are more permanent than a day or night out. For this reason, you should only consider a gift- and we’re talking big gifts here. Chocolates and flowers don’t count- if it’s a permanent thing.

Another thing about gifts is that you should consider whether or not it represents you as a couple in any way. Remember that, while a gift is for the other half, the day is about both of you. That’s pretty good news when you think about it, but it doesn’t mean you get her a PS4 if she’ll hate it. Personalised gifts are a good way to make something represent you both, and a huge selection can be found at www.gettingpersonal.co.uk, which will suit most types of relationships. 

Why not? 

One of the bad points of getting a gift for an anniversary is that there are so many other events that involve gifts. There are already birthdays, Christmases, any other religious events, then you have the little presents just because you’re being cute. This isn’t so much a negative point as it is something that could be better. The main thing here is to keep variation in your relationship.

Share an experience 

The different types of experiences you can share on your anniversary are just as expansive as the range of gifts you can buy, but one of the big differences is the amount of time you take out to do something. Anything you pick, whether it’s a meal in their favourite restaurant or a week away on the tropical island you’ve always dreamed of visiting, it will be a lot longer than the hour it takes to order, receive, wrap and give a gift. This can be great if you both lead busy lives as it forces you both the take the time out and spend it with each other. 

As mentioned before, it’s a healthy difference to all the other gifting events that happen throughout the year, so that’s always a reason to consider it fully when choosing the right things to do. 

Is it more personalised? 

It’s hard to tell whether an experience or a gift is more personalised for you and your relationship. They both have potential to make the day a perfect occasion, so the key thing really is to think long and hard about what the perfect thing is. The only real edge that events have over gifts is that they can contain lots of little things, so if you’re good at coordinating a holiday, it could score some major relationship points. 


The cost of an event is the only obvious bad point. Assuming that you’re on a budget if you’re reading this, the potential perks of a long weekend away or a fancy meal will almost always outweigh a gift in the price department. Consider that, while you may want to make it the best day possible, try not to break your bank in doing so.

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