10 Things Nobody Tells You About Having A Baby...

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My name is Hayley.....

and I am a first time mum to this little chap ... my 12 week old son Tyne....

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So you've just had your first baby! You've counted down for 9 long months, and now your wait is over and your bouncing little bundle of joy is finally here! Hurrah!

You have no doubt read countless "What To Expect..." and "Pregnancy Bible" style books and feel that there's nothing that can be thrown at you that you're not all prepared for!

Well - I hate to be the one to tell you this, but there are some surprises in store for you over the coming months....Here is my countdown of the Top 10 Things Nobody Tells You About Having A Baby....

1. Hot Meals Are A Thing Of The Past.....

Babies seem to have some kind of built-in Grown Up Dinner Time alarm that goes off every time you're about to sit down with hot food.

No matter how much you have prepared and tried to ensure that baby has everything they need - they're fed, changed, burped and fast asleep - it doesn't matter. As soon as you sit down, you can almost guarantee that within 30 seconds that baby will be wide awake and crying! 

Salads are the way forward......

2. Doing a "Britney" will become almost tempting....

Washing your hair will suddenly seem like the world's most difficult task. No longer can you just hop into the shower and wash your hair without a care in the world ....oh no! Now you're a new Mummy you need to start scheduling tasks such as hair washing into your schedule at least a couple of days in advance.

Personally...I start thinking about washing my hair on a Monday, by Thursday I'm telling myself I absolutely MUST get around to it tomorrow....and usually by Friday I'll have managed to work it into my day, though usually at some un-holy hour because its the only chance I had!

So yes - there are days when the images of Britney Spears standing in a hair salon shaving her own head no longer seems all that crazy - she has two kids, maybe she just didn't have the time for all the hair washing!

3. Babies Do Some Freaky Things!!

Yes for the vast majority of the time, babies will be as cute as a button and you will gaze at them for hours on end marvelling at your perfect little creation....but every now and then, you will most likely be a little freaked out at one or two things that babies do that you may not expect.

For example - babies sometimes sleep with their eyes half open. And usually a little rolled back in their heads. This can look rather unsettling if you're not prepared for it! Also - the soft spot on their heads? It pulses. Its perfectly normal of course, but I sure wish I'd known about it before I noticed it happening by myself one day and was filled with the sudden fear that his head was getting ready to erupt volcano-style. 

4. Babies Are Loud Sleepers

You'll hear a lot about how difficult it is to get your baby to sleep at night, and how tired you will be - and of course that old chestnut of advice always comes up "Sleep when the baby sleeps".

One thing I didn't account for was not so much how difficult it would be to get the baby to sleep - but more so how difficult it is to get any sleep WHILST the baby is asleep. I can't speak for everybody elses babies - but mine snores like an old man who smokes 40 a day, grunts in his sleep and makes random shouting noises every half an hour or so - Yep, no sleep for me!

5. You Do Gross Things & Don't Think Anything Of It...

I have never had the strongest stomach. Things make me queasy pretty easily .... so imagine my surprise when I suddenly found myself doing things like pulling bogeys from my babies nose with my fingers and not even caring (Actually, finding it strangely satisfying....when it's been there all day and you FINALLY reach it?! Amazing feeling!).

The first time my baby pooped on my hand during a nappy change I was shocked by the fact that not only did it not bother me, but I actually forgot for a few moments afterwards to go and wash my hands - it bothered me that little!

I think the biggest shock came when he was sick and my reaction was to immediately catch it with my hands rather than duck for cover....

6. You'll Do Anything For A Smile...

Baby smiles are absolutely addictive. Once you've had one, you will do anything for your next fix!

You might have been a cool kind of person before giving birth - someone who would never be caught making gummy faces at a baby, doing Donald Duck impressions or singing every silly song you can think of - but trust me, you'll do all of those things.

You will also find yourself walking around at least once, with baby nowhere in sight, humming "Baa baa black sheep" or something along those lines...

My most embarrassing moment recently was catching myself walking around TK Maxx, alone, singing "Humpty Dumpty" to myself.....

7. You'll Talk About Things You Never Thought You Would....

If you have ever had Mummies around you before you became one yourself, you'll most likely be familiar with the "Poo" talk. 

I remember commenting on a conversation my mother & sister were having, which had gone for at least ten minutes, about how frequently my sister's toddler had pooped that day.

I was pregnant at the time, and I commented that their topic of conversation was disgusting and making me feel quite sick and that they would never catch ME discussing such things once my baby was born.

It was only about 4 days into Mummyhood when both of them pointed out to me that I had gone against my word already, many many times......

8. Children Will Make You Emotional....

Since giving birth, I have noticed how much I have turned into my Nan when it comes to crying whenever I see cute children on TV!

I thought perhaps it was just me but other new Mummy friends have commented on the same thing - suddenly children, even other peoples, seem like real little miracles to me and no matter how hard I try I simply cannot help but feel all teary when I see cute little child dance troupes on Britains Got Talent or sweet children on TV ads.

How embarrassing....

9. You'll Gain New Friends...and Lose Some

I'd read a lot of Mummy Blogger articles during pregnancy about how many friends they had lost since having their babies - I remember thinking that wouldn't happen to me, because my friends were nice people and they were excited about me having a baby.

Unfortunately - I was wrong. And from discussing it with other new Mummies, it seems it happens more often than not - for some reason when you have a baby, you become somebody else in the eyes of some people.

Even if you haven't really changed much yourself - the fact that you are now somebodys Mum sets you apart from some of your friends, and for some reason this makes some of them disappear - which can be sad. I have personally found it quite depressing to see how uninterested some of my former close friends have been since I had my baby.

But every cloud has a silver lining, and eventually you are likely to find new friends - you'll go to Mummy & Baby groups or join online Baby forums etc - and you'll meet other new Mums in the same position as you, and because you are going through a similar experience you'll bond. 

I personally don't know how I would have got through the last few months without the support of the friends I made in an online Pregnancy Club - all of us in there agree that our "real life" friends have been utter let downs (not all of them, but some) but having each others support has been fantastic!

10. You'll Never Throw Anything Away....

I mean it. NOTHING!

You will start off with the best intentions - you'll just keep the first sleepsuit he grows out for his memory box. Oh and the first pair of socks....

I found it a bit weird when I was informed by my other half that it was tradition to keep the unbilical cord stump once it fell off - but I went along with it (I declined his suggestion of keeping the first toe nail clippings - weirdo!) - but I have surprised myself ever since then with my inability to part with anything.

I now have boxes and boxes of outfits and vests etc that no longer fit Tyne - but I can't throw them out or sell them, because every one of them holds a memory of some kind! - the outfit he wore when we first took him out, his coming home from the hospital outfit, the first sleepsuit he wore on a Tuesday....etc etc.

This also extends to photographs - you will need LOTS of extra memory cards coz trust me, no matter how many of the same shot you have - you will not be able to bring yourself to delete any of them! 

Of course there are a million more things I could include, but for me these have the things that have surprised me the most!

I'd love to hear what sort of things took you by surprise during your first few months of motherhood! 

Thank you to Hayley for guest posting on the blog today. Do be sure to check out her blog for more fabulous reads! 


  1. very interesting post...

  2. This is all so insanely TRUE!

  3. I can relate to this post. Especially, number 10. I have boxes of clothing and shoes. It's hard to part with certain things.

  4. Love it, especially 10, I have kept everything! xx


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