You Know You're A Mum When...

I've only been a mum for the past eight months, but in that short time frame I have learnt so much! Being a mum is hard work, but so so rewarding. Every now and again I forget that I'm Amelia's mum, as  weird as that may sound but I don't always feel like a mum until I see the baby sick all down my top (pajamas) and remember that I haven't showered in a few days! 

If you're a mum reading this then you'll be able to relate to the majority of the following mummy moments, and if your not a mum then here's a little insight into what it's like being a mother. Prepare yourself for a good  giggle!

You know you're a mum when....

1. You no longer go to the bathroom alone!

2. You don't mind eating cold food...seeing as it's been on your plate for over an hour untouched.

3. You realise you've been watching Mickey Mouse or Jungle Junction for the past hour...even though your baby has fallen sleep!

4. Dr Google become's your best friend.

5. You can do everything one handed...while holding a sleeping baby in the other arm.

6. You can't be bothered to shave your legs anymore.

7. You have taken more photos in the past few months of your baby than any others in your entire life. You then have trouble trying to narrow down your favourite photos to upload to Facebook because you have over 100 photo's which are all the same!

8. You sniff your babies butt to see if  they've got a poopy bum.

9. Before you leave your little one with your Mum, you explain everything that they will need to do even though she raised you for the past god knows how many years.

10. You never bother going to the doctor's when your ill, but when your baby looks weird at you you're on the phone booking an appointment in a flash!

11. You find yourself walking around the house with a dummy/pacifier in your mouth.

12. You see someone with a boogie and want to pick it like you would with your baby. 

13. You rock the trolley in the supermarket and your baby isn't even sat in it!

14. It takes an hour to leave the house, since you have to get the baby ready, pack a bag and usually change the baby again after they spat up all over you or themselves!

15. Your baby has a bunged up nose and you can't get their boogies out so you suck it out with your mouth...yes it's happened!

16. You find yourself looking at 1st birthday ideas at 3 in the morning when your baby is fast asleep.

17. You wake up with your little one's feet in your face or back but daren't move them!

18. Your "me time" now consists of daddy watching the baby for half an hour so you can clean the dishes.

19. You lock the keys in the car and yourself and the baby outside of it! 

20. Your child has more clothes than you and you're proud of that. But you won't give any of them away.

21. You realise you haven't washed your hair in nearly a week!!

22. You can take a shower, do your hair and makeup in less than 10 minutes (with a baby in your arms)

23. You wake up with extra people in bed with you.

24. You know the words to the entire series of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!!!

25. You can change dirty nappies without battling an eyelid.

26. You realise you left the house with your slippers on...and you don't care.

There's plenty more but I could go on forever so add your "You know you're a Mum when...." moment below.


  1. You pull funny faces to persuade you baby to eat, smile, sleep and many other things lol

  2. You have the urge to edit your ipod and remove any songs that seem inappropriate for a child.

  3. You have the urge to edit your ipod and remove any songs that seem inappropriate for a child.

  4. A good day is getting out of your yoga pants into jeans.

    You eat the smushed leftovers off your baby's plate.

  5. Haha great list! Nope...no more bathroom trips alone. And now Sofia looks at me and laughs when I'm "going potty like Sofia goes potty in her diaper".

    Get excited when you know you can stay home all day in your yoga pants, no makeup, and ponytail.

    And yes...eating the cold gross leftovers off your baby's plate!

  6. Just thought of another...leaving your baby in their car seat, all bundled up from being out, because they fell asleep on the way home and you dare not wake them!

  7. You know you're a mom when you officially mix the kids names up and your husbands lol

  8. What a lovely, sweet post - it makes me even more excited for my little girl to arrive :-)



  9. You surely keeping it in mind and for the record you’re reminding it for me too.

  10. Lovely post. 2 more months for me to expect all these things. I am eagerly waiting for that experience.


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