Li'l Helper Bottle Holder Review

If you have been reading my blog for some time now you may know that Amelia is breastfed and will not drink from a bottle despite trying a number of times. I had given up until I was sent some Dr Browns bottles which you can read up my review on here. She immediately drank from the bottle but only drank an ounce and we gave up. But at least it was an improvement. A week or so later we were kindly sent The Li'l Helper Bottle Holder to test out and I cannot say enough good words about it!

Amelia has just turned nine months old so I know that by now most babies can already hold a bottle if they are bottle fed. We had tried expressing when Amelia was a month old and she would drink from a bottle then but we soon stopped and she hadn't drank from a bottle since then. It has been a struggle trying to get her to drink out of one. She would just play and chew on the teat. The Dr Browns bottles have helped as their teat is made to help breastfed babies. When I introduced the Lil Helper Bottle Holder and attached it on to the bottle she went to reach for it straight away. She played with it for a while, tipping the bottle upside down, dropping it on the floor, chewing on the holder but then she did raise it to her mouth and held it whilst she drank a few sips from the bottle! I was surprised and jumped with joy as this meant she would drink from a bottle finally. 

We have now been using the Lil Helper Bottle Holder over a period of two weeks probably 3-4 times a week if we are out and about and I can't breastfeed and I have found a massive improvement in the way she will now drink from the bottle. I will definitely continue to use it until she gets the idea of drinking from the bottle as I will be going back to work and need her to be able to so I can leave her. 
I would imagine that this product would be great for a younger baby who is just getting the grasp of holding on to things as you can rest it up against their chest and they can hold on to the holder. It also has an in built rattle to help encourage development. The Lil Helper is easy to clean and fits most bottle sizes. This would be great for on the go and in the car too as it will easily fit in your changing bag. 

I would highly recommend this product to any mother who is trying to get their baby to drink from a bottle and also even if your baby is already bottle fed the it helps entertain them whilst feeding. Another great point to mention about this product is that you can have your hands free to do something else while feeding! This would be great for mothers with twins as you can feed both at the same time. I can also see these being great baby shower gifts and I'm thinking of purchasing one for my best friend who is due any day now. 
The Lil Helper Bottle Holder can be purchased here from as little as $14.99 and they also come is a lovely range of colours including; green, blue, green and pink! 

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  4. Hmm not really sure why you would need this! :/ good review though xx

    1. I wasn't either but I think it's mainly aimed at younger babies. Amelia doesn't take a bottle and I thought we'd give it a go. Suprisenly it did work and she would hold it and drink where as without it she would just throw the bottle on the floor lol.

      Thanks :) xx

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  6. This is a really good idea think olivia could use one soon ! Thanks


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