The Spa Sanctuary Set

I have been testing out these products for a few weeks now and I have really been enjoying them so I thought I would give them a little review and tell you guys what I think!

*Spa Sanctuary Top To Toe Prima Ballerina Set - £20

The set is the Sanctuary Top To Toe Prima Ballerina collection which comes with six mini products, as well as a large wash bag and a pair of fluffy slippers. This gift set was inspired by Darcey Bussell, a graceful ballerina beauty with an enviable complexion. The Sanctuary London Spa was originally set up 35 years ago as a place for ballerinas at the Royal Ballet to unwind & 
enjoy treatments to relax tired muscles. 

Foaming bath soak
Seeing as I always shower it was nice to be able to have a bath for a change. This formula smells heavenly. It also contains aloe vera which left my skin feeling very soft afterwards. 

Body Lotion
This moisturising body lotion has a festive smell to it and left my skin super soft afterwards. I used it before bed and I found that it settled really well and I was able to jump into bed without sticking to the sheets. I love that these both come in 75ml containers - perfect for throwing in the wash bag for travelling. 

Luxury Foot Polish 
The "polish" is more of an exfoliator, designed to remove hard skin and leave skin soft. I found that it has made a difference even though I don't really have dry feet but if you have bad cracked feed I'd imagine this would work a treat! I used it after getting out of the shower and I thought the smell was very relaxing. 

Intensive Rescue Heel Balm 
I found this cream has left the heels of my feet feeling much smoother and softer. It's very moisturising and contains shea butter to keep your feet silky smooth.The lotion is very light and non great, it also dries within minutes which is great as it meant I didn't have to sit down for to long - especially with Amelia running around!

Brightening Radiance Exfoliator 
I think this has to be my favourite product by far. The brightening facial radiance exfoliator is used to refine and even out skin tone, and the moisture boosting mask is to revive your skin, which is especially useful in these cold winter months. I only remove my make up with a face wipe and don't use anything else which I know I should but I barely have time anymore. It smells citrus-y and I found it left my skin very soft and smooth. I would definitely buy this product myself again. 

Brightening Moisture Boosting Mask
I also enjoyed using this product a lot, after washing it off my face felt like it was glowing. I don't use a lot of face masks but I really like this one. The smell wasn't too overpowering like some I have previously tried. The mask contains organic shea butter and honey to help nourish the skin, and also revive it and protect against the signs of aging.

Overall I think these are very nourishing, luxurious and effective products, defiantly worth a try - They made a noticeable difference to my skin after only using them for a short amount of time. I love the packaging and I also like that they are not too heavily scented. I probably wouldn't buy this for myself but I would buy it for a friend or family member and with Christmas around the corner I think this would make a perfect gift this Christmas. I would also buy it for a new or expecting mum as it would be nice to receive after giving birth.

Let me know what you think of these products, and if you have tried them or not!


  1. I tried Sanctuary years and years ago, I think I was still a teen and I didn't like their products. Especially their soap which left a rubbery residue on my skin. I don't know if I should give them another go or not!

  2. My mother in law had a bunch of their products in the spare bathroom at her house. They are nice to use if we ever have to stay up at their house overnight.


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  5. Ohhh this looks really good

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