Baby Feeding Essentials

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Starting your baby on solids can be somewhat daunting. I had no idea how much stuff I was going to need when I started weaning Amelia. We firstly started with pureed foods and that was good. We only needed a few items. Then we started taking food with us when ever we went out for the day and the list becomes even bigger. Of course these aren't all necessities however they are handy to have and make your life so much easier.

These are some of my favourite things to make meal times easier and fun.

Mesh Food Teether: I bought one of these when Amelia was around 4 months old. It's great for helping teething babies without the risk of choking. I put fruit and frozen breast milk into the mesh holder and Amelia would happily sit sucking on it for hours! Be warmed...make a lot of mess! But worth it.

Food Processor: Great for the first stages of weaning. I still use it now and again when I want to puree Amelia's food. You can buy a baby one however I find that a normal one does the job just as well.

Sippy Cup: These are great if you are wanting to give your baby water or juice. Amelia never drank from a bottle so trying to get her to drink from this was a nightmare! She would just hold it and play with it. However she finally got the hang of it at 7 months.

Bebea Cook: If you are wanting to make a lot of homemade baby food for your little bundle of joy then I'd highly recommend purchasing one of theses bad boys! You can steam the vegetables and blend too. It's basically an all in one. It comes with many little containers too great for freezing and storing. If it's a little too pricey for your budget then you can use a steamer, pan or blender.

Snack Pot: I love this little snack pot container! We purchased a few last month and they are great for on the go. If your stuck in traffic in the car and need to feed your baby whilst they are getting fussy, in a restaurant, or out and about in the park. What ever your need, they are very useful to fit in the changing bag.

Freezer Storage Containers: I love these ones by bebea and the colour (which is why I bought them haha!) However you can just buy some plain ones or use an ice cube tray both work just as well. These have silicone pots where you can easily squeeze the food out once frozen. The lid is great too, no need for cling film. I love them!

Booster Seat: We don't actually have one of these but are looking into it. A friend of mine from baby group does and uses it regularly. Amelia even tried it out and sat perfectly in it, even more so than the highchair! I love the design and it fits perfectly on a normal table chair.

Food Pots: Again, great for storing food on the go or in the fridge. I love these ones by tommee tippee. No spillages either and kept the food nice and concealed.

Tommee Tippee Wide Neck Bottle: As I said previously, Amelia would never drink from a bottle, however when I bought this when Amelia was 6m+ she would drink a few sips from it which I'm amazed by! It now goes everywhere with us in case I can't feed her in public. It's so easy for her to hold and drink out of.

Tommee Tippee Spoons: These spoons are really good, I'm probably bias as they are the only ones we've used but Amelia seems to like them so we've stuck with them.

Bib: I love this bib! Especially the pattern. It has a pocket to collect all those spillages and is easily washable.

Organix Finger Food: Great to hand on standby whilst preparing food and on the go!

Bowls: These are great to put finger foods and pureed foods in. I also use them to keep prepped food in the fridge so it's ready to go when I have a hungry baby.

Highchair: This highchair is amazing! I love the design and the fact you can keep toys underneath, all collects food ha ha! It's easy to fold away and even fits in the boot of the car. It cleans really easy too. Amelia sits in it really well. It's also on offer at the moment in Mothercare for half the price I bought it for.

Boon Spoon: I have mentioned this product numerous times before but I cannot praise it enough! We love it. Amelia eats out of it so well and there's usually not much mess afterwards. Its really cheap and easy to clean too.


  1. I loved weaning! We did baby led weaning and it was so messy I couldn't help but laugh. Now that Max is older we swear by the Oxo Tot bowls and cutlery and the Nuby cups!

    1. Oohh I must take a look at those items. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thanks for creating this list. Im going to purchase two of these items for my sister's baby shower. She has a ton of things that the baby will need as a new born. I always like to purchase stuff for later. Plus im sure my gifts wont be duplicates. lol


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