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Hey Oh So Amelia Readers!
I'm Tess from The Framed Lady.

I'm super excited to be guest posting today, because I love meeting new bloggers!

I want to share a burp rag tutorial with you guys. They're so easy to make yourself! This is a really quick craft, and it's also really forgiving of mistakes. You don't have to sew in a straight line, you don't even have to make sure your fabric is exact.

All you need is:
+ batting of your preferred thickness
+ soft fabric (I've even used my husband's old t-shirts, because they're especially soft, and when I use them for my baby, they'll smell familiar. It's a good way to upcycle old clothes)
+ scissors
+ sewing machine, needle and thread

Cut your fabric into two identical (or closely identical) squares or rectangles. Cut your batting the same size and shape. I personally like the rectangle better because it drapes over your shoulder a little better.

Align the batting between the two layers of fabric.

Sew a border with the sewing maching, making sure you are sewing over the batting. If you don't sew over the batting, it can shift and be really difficult to realign. Don't worry if you have more than you need. You can always trim later.

Next, sew a pattern across the burp rag so the batting doesn't shift. You can "quilt" in any design (squiggles, stripes, grid, diagonal grid, etc.). I chose to do rectangular sections, just because it was easy.

For the edges, you can cut small strips and knot, as shown below. This is easiest if you're using a stretchy fabric like t-shirt material or knits.
You can also fold each of the flaps on the edge into each other, and hand stitch the whole border (don't be intimidated; it's a burp rag, not a bed quilt). Just throw on an episode of Psych and it will be over before you know it.

Below are some pictures of different options I've done. You can see, especially with the knotted edges, how forgiving the fabric is. If there's a mistake, it still turns out fine. Plus, when you think about it, your baby is going to be vomiting on it. Does it really matter if it's super perfect?

I hope you guys feel inspired to go upcycle some of your (or your husband's or kid's) old clothes! If you liked this tutorial and are interested, go check out my blog The Framed Lady! You'll find more tutorials, blogging and networking tips, recipes, link-ups, and my musings. 

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  1. I love this! I remember my mom made this too. :)



  2. Hi No1 guest blogger , I love the idea of making a burp rag. Thank you for sharing following you now.



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