101 Stocking Fillers - For Him

I recently went out and bought items for Amelia's stocking and it got me thinking what would I put in Andy's if I were to get him one. I have bought most of the items above in the past for Birthdays, Anniversary's  Valentines or Christmas so I thought I'd share some of these ideas as I thought they would be perfect to fill a stocking. 

1. Penguin Shower Radio
2. An Idiot Abroad Book
3. Flying Alarm Clock
4. Ted DVD
5. Mini Finger Drum Kit
6. Mini Remote Helicopter
7. Mrs Browns Boys DVD
8. Fusion Power Razor
9. Call of Duty #2
10. Iphone Charger
11. Parking Timer Key Chain

Here are some other idea not pictured above:
12. Universal Remote Control
13. His Favourite Chocolate Bar (Large one)
14. Scalf
15. Pretty Green T-shirt
16. James Bond Box Set
17. Mini Noel Galleghar Guitar
18. Key Finder Gadget
19. Bottle of Whiskey
20. Electronic Photo Frame
21. New Wallet
22. Personalised Iphone Case (with a photo of you both on it)
23. Calvin Klien Boxers
PFM Science Museum Balloon Copter
25. Touch Screen Gloves
26. Ice Scraper Keyring
29. SAS Survival Guide
30. Remote Tidy
31. Mustache Mug
32. Book Light
33. Angry Birds Toy
34. Pocket Knife
36. Simpsons Triva Box
37. Rubix Cube
38. Chris Moyles Parody
39. Ricky Gervais Book
40. Key Bottle Opener
41. Guinness Mug
42. Portable Handshock
43. Wii Wheel
44. Radio Controlled Mini Car
45. Personalised Zippo Lighter
46. Hip Flask
47. Robbie Williams CD
48. Ipod Nano
49. Rolling Stones 50 Book
50. Football Game Tickets
51. Socks
52. Beanie Hat (For the winter)
53. Itunes Gift Card
54. Favourite Aftershave
55. Shower Gels
56. Designer Tie
57. Handkerchiefs
58. Belt
59. Funny USB Pen 
60. Nodding Dog 
62. Best Dad Mug
63. Bop It
64. Mini Scrabble Game 
65. Cube Speakers
66. Desk Tidy
68. Mini FlashLight
69. Car Fresheners
70. Golf Balls & Tees
71. Guitar Picks
72. Toothbrush
73. Car Phone Charger
74. Iphone Griffin Itrip 
75. Mini Measuring Tape
76. CookBook
77. Pack of Cards
78. Match of The Day Trivia Box
79. Guiness Alarm Clock
80. Cocktail Shaker
81. Darts 
83. Headphone Splitter
84. Slippers
86. Comedy Show Tickets
87. Personalised Pen
88. Filofax
89. Lynx
90. Old Spice Gift Set
91. Toblerone
92. Washbag
93. Travel Mug
95. Mr Grumpy Mug
96. Cufflinks
97. Watch
98. Gift Experince: Zorbing
99. Electric Toothbrush
100. Gift Card for his favourite Clothes Store
101. Make some coupons of Chores you or the kids have to do around the house. 

Hope that's given you some ideas. I'd love to hear what ideas you have for filling a stocking for men. 


  1. Great list ... I love the bottle of whiskey! Mine would want Patron Tequila but still :)


  2. You've got a great list there. It can be so hard to think of gifts for men sometimes.

  3. Is it wrong I actually want some of these things for myself :)

    1. Hahaha not at all! I was thinking the same whilst typing it up :)

  4. Yep I'd be happy with any of those especially the griffin ipod transmitter :-)


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