Meet My September Sponsors #1

Happy Monday, 
Meet some of my wonderful Sponsors/Button Swappers this month :)
These girls are all so great! 
I have really enjoyed getting to know them!
You should hop on over and say hello.
You won't regret it! 

(Check back tomorrow for another post with more lovely sponsors!)


Life as a young momma

Hi I'm Jazmine. I'm a SAHM, wife, and fur-mommy to a mini chihuahua by the name of "Bonecrusher". I love to bake and cook. My blog is all about my boys and the things I love to do. I recently started to design blog layouts.


Hi one and all my name is Charlotte aka Lotte =D ... I am 26 years young & a Full time mummy to Hayden Pascal est April 2012 & a girlfriend to Mr B est April 2010. We live in the Eastside of London Town & enjoy getting out & about and travelling the world. I first started off blogging over on Tumblr then started making Youtube Pregnancy Vlogs & I loved it. I loved being able to share my pregnancy with other pregnant ladies and also people who were just interested in general. 

In Feb 2012 I came over to Blogger and started living my journey here & haven't looked back since. My blog is about our family journey through life and watching Hayden grow day by day... week by week! Its funny how some people knew him before he was even out of my tummy and now look at him ... A-MA-ZING!

Feel free to join us on our journey through life either here on blogger or over on Youtube - We're having a blast so far!

Links to Fave posts:

Lara's Vintage

Hello, Oh so Amelia readers! My name is Sandra and I blog over at Lara's Vintage. I'm a mama of two girls, living the military life in New Jersey. I love thrifting,photography,crafts,baking and anything vintage! Let's be friends!

Lauren Rebecca 

My name is Lauren. I'm Mama to Scarlett. Ty's fiancé. Stay at home mom by technicality, and writer by passion. My blog, Lauren Rebecca, is named after me because it's about just that...my life. If you stop by, you will get to take a peak in to my life. You will find posts about: Love like the one HERE. How I stayed fit while pregnant HERE. True life diary excerpts. Even the heartbroken ones, like the one HERE. Pieces of my writings, HERE. And my take on style, HERE. I'm just an ordinary girl with a love for writing, going where life takes me. Come by sometime....

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