Amelia's Nursery

**Warning this is a long one!**

I am so glad to finally be able to say Amelia's Nursery is nearly completed [It's not totally done, still have a few more tweaks to do but I'm not a very patient person]. I honestly didn't know if this day would ever come! I have been itching to share my nursery with you all. Oh, and did I say MY nursery? I meant Amelia's. I outgrew mine some 20ish years ago, but I have spent so much time in there that we may have to have turf wars! Now if only I could fit in her cot...

It has taken some time trying to find what I need. Sometimes I was able to find something easily, while other times I had to do some online shopping and then wait for the super slow air mail from the US to get it here. Not forgetting all the DIY projects I have been doing, this was one slow process. But I am glad to say that it is finally (just about) finished and I love how it turned out! I think its a room that Amelia can really grow into. I didn't want anything too babyish so i opted for a more 'older' chic room.

Anyways, I had to decorate on a budget as we have just moved into our new 3 bed-roomed home, recently bought a new car and now saving up for a holiday so I couldn't go all out as I had hoped. But I have managed to get some great buys and we can change her furniture as she gets older. We had originally thought about decorating the nursery before Amelia arrived but just never got round to doing it so I started decorating two weeks ago, [Amelia is now 3 months old] I emptied the guest room and moved everything to the spare room. Painted the walls then got down to business! I would have liked a built in closet but as we are currently renting we can't do that. So I bought a canvas one for the time being which does the job. We had bought the cot before Amelia was born which is a dark brown so I wanted the room theme the go with that.

All the items in the room and where you can find them will be listed at the bottom of the post.

So without further ado...here is Amelia's nursery: (I apologize in advance for the poor picture quality, my camera crashed on me and I had to use my phone without flash)

The door:

From the door:

Here is the cot, we bought it before the nursery was done so had to base the colours around that. I still need a crib skirt and letters for above the cot.

Im looking at getting a chair/glider for the empty space here 


The wall decor I designed and printed myself and stuck on butterflies to the wall.

Butterfly mobile I made see tutorial here.

Still need to put these somewhere, but here are the collection of books we have now for Amelia.


Tissue pom poms see tutorial here

The closet:

The wicker baskets I bought plain and I customised them with pink ribbon.
All of her onesies and sleepsuits are in the drawers and I've hung some of her clothes up.

These are just organised with bibs, hats and socks.

Baby closet dividers see tutorial here

So...what do you think? Do you think Amelia will love it, or did I just design my 22 year-old self a nursery? On the other hand Andy and I love it. Andy didn't actually have much say in it, he was working so I just got on with it. He came back each night and saw the progress. Obviously Amelia won't be sleeping in here just yet. We want to wait until she is sleeping through the night properly first.

I'll be sure to share my other projects I have in store for her nursery to complete it. I still need to do a crib skirt and her name letters for above the cot and I am also planning to buy a window seat/bookcase just need to figure out how it will all go first.

Nursery details:

Paint: Dulux tailormade 'Night Jewels 2' B&Q
Cot: East cost Anna cot 'Cocca' Finish £200 (with mattress)
Bedding set: Izziwotnot Nursery collection £70
Tissue Pom Poms: DIY by myself tutorial here
Canvas wardrobe & unit: Purchased at local store £80
Wicker baskets(set of three): £10 Argos
Light wicker baskets (set of three): £15 Argos
Butterfly mobile: DIY by myself tutorial here
Ceiling lamp shade: The range £10
Tommee tippee sensor monitor: Mothercare £99.99
Curtains: Dunelm mill £40.00
Butterfly wall decals: Ebay
Wall prints: DIY by myself using Photoshop
Closet dividers: DIY by myself tutorial here
Hairbow holders: DIY by myself tutorial here
Closet organiser: From local home ware store £10
Plastic drawers: The range £17.99

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading!

UPDATE: Nursery Tour


  1. This is so beautiful! This makes me want a girl :( Love your tutorials!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks hun! Can't wait untit its completely finished but I couldn't wait any longer to reveal it haha! x

    2. looool no worries - excited for the finish too... looks pretty complete to me! I can't even think about it atm there is no way I'm waking up and walking to Hayden room every 2hours during the night I will end up passing out along the way loooool x

  3. It looks so pretty!!! I never would have thought to use gray paint myself, but it's gorgeous! And I LOVE the tissue pompoms and especially the butterfly mobile (pinning!).

    Thanks for linking up to my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party :)

    1. Thanks Paula, and thank you for such a great link up!
      See you again this weekend hehe

  4. Wow this is beautiful, you've done a fantastic job :) I'd love to make a mobile for my little fella, will have to look at the tutorial and see if I can switch it to something more manly than butterflies!

    1. Hi Celia, thank you. You can use circles or footballs maybe? I've seen a few on pinterest and etsy :)

  5. I like the butterfly mobile!

    1. Thank you, took a lot of patience to make haha. Kept on getting it tangled up.

  6. Totally wish I would've seen those dividers before my daughter was a year old - could've used that one. eh oh well, guess there's always a next time! haha

    1. Of course, there's always next time lol :)
      You could maybe do different age categories? If you have clothes bought in advance?

  7. Amelia's nursery is beautiful. Also it's an amazing coincidence but my little girl was born 22nd of March 2012, exactly a month before Amelia. I just thought that was pretty cool because I'm a mummy blogger too. My blog is http://babyinred.blogspot.co.uk/ if you wanted to take a look. Yours was one of the first mummy blogs I started reading before I decided to write my own! xo Vikkii

  8. I could see that you made the nursery a really beautiful one! I envy Amelia with her room so nice and so full of color!


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