Amelia's Baby Bucket List

What do you want your little one to experience in his or her first years of life? 

Amelia is only 3 months old, but I've already started planning all the little activities I'm looking forward to watching her experience.

Here is our baby bucket list... 

1. Swimming (19/07/2012)

We have actually already taken Amelia to the swimming pool, but it wasn't the greatest experience. The water was much colder than we expected and we weren't allowed to take a camera in. Hopefully the next time will be more enjoyable. Having said that we did enjoy watching Amelia splash about. 

2. Walk in the forest (29/07/2012)

We took Amelia for a walk yesterday in the baby carrier for the first time. It was the first time for Amelia to be out in the mountains. We only went to a local forest, but we look forward to taking her to many more in the future and also using the carrier at many more opportunities. I can't wait until she's running around as then it will be much more fun. 

3. First holiday

I can't wait to take Amelia on her first family holiday. We are actually going abroad in November and can not wait! She will just have just turned six months then so she will be able to experience many different things. Flying, playing in the warm ocean, food of difference cuisines. I'm sure it will be an experience to remember!

4. Beach Day

I'm looking forward to taking Amelia to the beach, so she can swim in the sea, build sandcastles and get sand everywhere. We just haven't had nice enough weather this summer to do so! But as soon as the sun comes out we will head down. 

5. Have a picnic

I'd love to go out for the day and take a picnic with us and stop where ever we go, whether it be at the park, up a mountain or at the beach. It will be fun to see her enjoy the surroundings and be able to sit down and play too. 

6. Take Amelia up Mount Snowdon

We are planning to take Amelia up Snowdon with us one day. For those who don't know where it is, it is the biggest mountain in Wales, located in Snowdonia. It is 3560ft high. We may have to get the train back down though. 

7. Go to a farm

I want Amelia to grow up knowing that there isn't just big cities but that there is also the country side out there too. We live pretty much in the countryside but close enough to the big cities so we can still take Amelia now and again. There are a few farms locally so I am sure we will take a trip when she is a little bit older to see the farm animals and feed little lambs. (if not we have a field down the road full of sheep!)

8. Have a day at the zoo

Our closest zoo is Chester zoo, I have been a few times when I was a child and once whilst pregnant with Amelia. It will be so much fun to watch her looking at the animals and will be a fun day out. 

These are just a few to name but I can't think of many more right this minute. I will update in a few months!

What activities would you add to your child's bucket list?


  1. Such a good bucket list for your baby girl! I need to add going to a farm to my little guys bucket list. Oh, & Mount Snowdown sound pretty awesome as well ;)

  2. Love this... I Cant wait to take Hayden Snorkeling - While we were on holiday in Egypt thats what we did & on our boat was this cute little family... Mum, Dad, little girl & little boy and they were all proper little deep sea divers. Me & My other half were so shocked at the kids they were brilliant even showing me what to do bless them the little girl was trying to look after me becuase I was 18 weeks pregnant lol but thats defo something I want to do with Hayden - Great bucket list hunny x

    1. Oh wow, that sounds so nice. I'd love to take Amelia snorkeling. I went when I was around 14 and it was Amazing, I couldn't imagine going so young though lol. Bless that little girl. x

  3. Participating in Mom's Monday Mingle for the first time & I'm your newest follow! :)



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