Amelia at 9 weeks

This past week just flew right by!
You're nine weeks old, Little One.
Here are some updates from this week:

  • You had your 2 month check up on Monday, and did great!  Shots were a little difficult, but you handled them pretty well.  You are a healthy, growing girl, and we are so thrilled!
  • Your night time routine still leaves a little something to be desired, to be honest with you!  It starts off pretty rough - you have such a hard time settling down and falling to sleep on your own - but by the second feeding, you've got it.  You'll go between 2 and 4 hours until the next feeding.  Not too bad!  You will still only nap in your swing in the day. You seem to be used to all the sounds that happen around the house. 
  • Nursing is going well.  I have started feeding you more often this week.  I mentioned in another post that you seemed frustrated at the end of each feeding recently, making me think I might not be producing enough.  The health visitor suggested that I feed you more frequently to bump up my production.  That seems to have made a difference.  You are my growing girl, and you have one healthy appetite!
  • You are experiencing a little bit of cradle cap this week.  Nothing to be concerned about.  Like baby acne, it happens! It is clearing up though. 
  • Your hair is growing much more especially at the front and we think it is a auburn colour. Also your Nana and I noticed yesterday that your eyes are a much brighter blue, so we assume they will stay blue.
  • Your legs are getting much stronger!  You can support your weight if I stand you up (of course, I'm holding you up as well).  Those bicycle-motion leg exercises must really work!
  • You are so cute when you get excited!  When you see a familiar face, when we start talking to you, when you anticipate feeding time, or whenever anything else happens that excites you, you start moving your arms around and kicking your legs.  You move your whole body in excitement!  You are "talking" more and more with us, especially at the end of the day. You still "coo" and "ah" all the time with your daddy and I. 
  • You are content to lay on the activity mat and just quietly observe.  You look around and study everything you can see.  Sometimes you smile and talk to the toys close by that have faces.  You reach out to touch or lift you leg to kick hanging toys on your swing, rocker seat and activity mat.  You're a curious, observant little one!
  • You've always enjoyed bath time but now we're putting you in the big bath (with your seat of course)  you don't act as if you're scared anymore. You just lay there quietly and look around.  I'm so thankful!
  • You are still such a smiley baby.  You smile easily at your daddy and me.  I think you might even be close to giggling soon!  I can't wait! 
  • You had a visit from 'Auntie' Giv and Charles this week. Giv loved playing with you, and you did too. 
  • You had your first mummy and baby bath this week, which you seemed to enjoy very much by the expression on your face.

You had a great week, Sweet Girl!
I look forward to the changes and milestones you'll reach this coming week.
Every day is such a gift!

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  1. These early weeks are SO amazing. Cherish every single second because they seriously fly by. She is such a darling!

  2. She's adorable!!!! I LOVE her headbands!

  3. AHH what a beautiful little lady!! found you via the wiegands and i can't wait to follow along xo


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