My breastfeeding journey


Whilst pregnant I had never thought whether I would breastfeed or formula feed, it just never crossed my mind! But as soon as Amelia was born I knew that's what I was going to do. I didn't get skin to skin contact straight away as we were in theatre and they wanted to make sure everyone was okay first, but as soon as we were back on the labour ward, the midwives put her on my chest for the first time. I was still pretty much out of it so didn't really have a choice, but it came so naturally. I guessed then I was breastfeeding lol. Amelia latched on perfectly! No need for the lactation nurses to come around. Mind you it was 4am at this point and all I wanted to do was sleep! Amelia was known to all of the nurses and midwives as a chunky monkey as all she did was eat... every time they came in to take my stats she was on me feeding. If I recall correctly, she fed hourly according to the feeding chart. I must say I do love breastfeeding, that special bond that you have with your daughter that no-one else can experience. I have no idea how long I plan to breastfeed for but we're doing well so far seeing as I never had planned to originally. To be honest I wouldn't mind doing it until she's 6 months or so. I want her all to myself :) But I will start to express my milk so Andy can have a go at feeding her. 

Burn 500 Calories a day 
Not having to get out of bed at night 
Bonding with Amelia 
Breast milk is free! 
All natural nutrients

Can get tiring 
Not being able to drink alcohol just yet 
Andy can't help with night feeds! 
Sore nipples 
Having to wake up every few hours to feed
Feels like all you do is feed 
Not feeling comfortable feeding in public 

Giving Amelia her first bottle of expressed milk
Breastfeeding is going pretty well. I mastered the side lying position so can feed Amelia whilt I sleep as the first two weeks I just sat up all night with her on my chest. We needed up having an electric pump given to us from the health visitor this week as my milk supply mysteriously disappeared. I hunk it may have been because of the wether and I was de-hydrated or because Amelia was being lazy and not eating as much. Who knows? But it does seem to be slowly improving. Also it's giving me a break, and I don't have her attached to me 24/7. I'm happy I've made it to 5 weeks! It's such an amazing experience and bond to have, plus I don't have to spend a penny! I'm not ready to stop just yet but I would like to continue for a while yet (or until my supply goes).


  1. Good job mamma!!! It can really be hard at first but I was happy I chose to do it :) Cheaper!!! lol


  2. What a lovely page for your daughter to be able to read when sh'es older. I so hope that I will be able to breast feed my children, I think that it must be such a wonderful experience. Good luck with everything! Amelia is beautiful :)

  3. Hi! just found your blog :) I had difficulty with my first child nursing so I lasted a week. I think it's bc I didn't have any support. By #2 I decided to get The Complete Guide to Breastfeeding and it was awesome! I did it for 6 months for #2 and #3..I was a mess when I finished with #3 bc I knew it would be my last. Such a great bonding experience! I'm your newest follower over at www.theredheadedprincess.com


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