Dear Amelia...

We decided to make this blog as a way to capture your life. We will update it as much as possible with your milestones and have photos of your first weeks, months and years.

Hope you like it. 

-Mum & Dad


Well let me start by sharing a few facts about my life and the past few years.

Firstly, I shall tell you how I met your Dad...

We both worked together at 'Yr Harbour' In Caernarfon, I had been working there for two years already and then your Dad came to run it as the General Manager. After a year or so we got together and started seeing each other, I'm sure you'll have heard this story already by now so i'll spare all the details.

This is one of the first pictures of your Mum and Dad together, it was taken on New Years Eve 2010. (You will soon notice I have a habit of cutting your dads head out of most pictures...as he's so tall)

Above is a photograph of your Dad and I taken at a Noel Gallagher concert he dragged me along to at 33 weeks pregnant. I'm sure you liked it as you wouldn't stop kicking me all night. 



Whilst I write this post I'm currently 22 years old and your Dad is 26. I was born in Tottenham and lived in Surrey for 9 years of my life before moving to North Wales. I have lived here for 13 years now, and I am glad your grandparents decided to when they did. I learnt to speak Welsh and can speak it fluently, myself and you're dad will be teaching you once you're old enough.

Here's a photo of me as a baby, I'm hoping you don't inherit my looks as I was such an ugly baby! I'm also hoping you're not as big as me when I was born even though I was only 8lb 15oz. your dad was a whopping 10lb 11!!

Below is photo of your Dad....Yes I know what you're thinking..."really??" but yes it is him, with RED hair! 
We've been arguing over the past few months wondering what colour hair you will have, he keeps on saying you'll be a red head, however I'm not convinced. But what ever colour it happens to be we cant wait and it will be lovely :-) You will have guessed by now, but you're Dad loveeeeeesss his cups of tea. Im sure he has about 30 a day! 



Here is a photo of me and my best friend Kim. We have known each other since high school back in 2002, so that's 10 years now! We also went to college together after sixth form to study Hospitality Management. I'm glad that we are still friends as we had both moved away but stayed in touch and now we've both moved back we can see each other more. I'm sure you'll be calling her 'Auntie Kim' as there's no way we're not staying friends! Kim has a son called Harley, which you'll probably already know by the time you've read this.

Above is a photo of one of my closest friends Giv. We met at work back in 2008, so have known her for over 4 years now. We've had so many fun times at work and many mad nights out. I'm sure she will tell you some of my 'blonde moments' when you're older.


Below are some photographs of family, you may recognize a few faces but I will say who's who just incase. 
These are from your Mum's side of the family, I will update with your Dad's when I manage to get hold of some.

So these are my Grandparents (Your Great Grandparents) This photo was taken at their 50th wedding anniversary. We all went down to Norfolk to celebrate back in Feb 2010. I've had many great times over the years at their house. I hope you will too, and also with you're grandparents both Wilson & Neil.

And here are your Grandparents from your Mum's side of the family. (The Neil's)
I took this photograph on our last family holiday in Futerventura back in 2008. 

Here are your other Grandparents (your dad's parents) They currently live in Angelsey. 

Above is your Uncle Craig, who is currently in the RAF Regiment. He has done his training to be a Gunner and is now currently based in Yorkshire. I'm sure by the time you will have read this he will be a RAF officer   or squadron leader and will have many experiences that he can share with you.

This is your Uncle Sean....who supports Newcastle United (who would have guessed it?) 

This is Ruby. Thought i'd share a photo of her as you'll probably have heard your dad and I talk about her many times before. We have seen her grown up from a puppy to an adult dog. But she's still a puppy in our eyes. I hope one day we will have a puppy and you can enjoy similar moments we have had. 

Here's a photo of your cousin Paige May Wilson ( Your fathers Niece). 
I cant wait for you both to meet, she isn't much older than you so you will both grow up together. You may even be in the same school year! 


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